Exploration & Appraisal DST

Design & Planning

Wellsite Supervision

Data Interpretation & Integration


PL 1016 Velocette

Led DST design & planning for test at wildcat prospect in Norwegian Sea to evaluate productivity & investigate reservoir continuity 

Gas Sandstone Deepwater Integration with Seismic 2023


Stabroek Block Liza, Payara, Yellowtail... 

Oversaw all 18 Guyana tests from 2016 to 2022, starting with Guyana's first DST ever

Extended flow & build-up tests designed to confirm sufficient connected volume for development viability, resulting in fast-track developments

Oil Gas Sandstone Deepwater Campaign Gravel-Pack Interference Integration with Seismic 2016-23


Block 10 Glaucus

Designed, planned & interpreted Glaucus-2 DST, which included an interference test with Glaucus-1, to confirm sufficient resource size for development viability

Gas Interference Deepwater — Integration with Geomodel — 2019-22


PDL 9 Muruk

Advised Melbourne affiliate on design, operations & interpretation of Oil Search-led DST

Gas Sandstone Highlands — Remote Environment — 2018-19


 GoM Walker Ridge Julia

Advised on ramp-up & clean-up operations during flowback to tanker

Oil Sandstone Deepwater — DP to DP — Flowback — Frac-Pack 2016


Neptun Block Domino

Oversaw & led DST's at Domino & two other fields, with extended flow & build-up periods designed to confirm sufficient resource size for development viability

Managed replies to buyer on test-related topics, as part of divestment for $1B+ 7 years later

Gas Sandstone Deepwater Campaign Integration with Seismic 2014-15


Block 118 Cá Voi Xanh 

Led CVX-4X DST, designed to demonstrate producibility in an unappraised part of the reservoir

Gas Carbonate — Non-Matrix — H2S Deepwater 2014-15


Block 15 Mondo South

Led flowback designed to confirm sufficient connected volume of anchor reservoir underpinning the Kizomba Satellites Phase 2 project

Oil Sandstone Deepwater Flowback Gravel-Pack PLT on Tractor 2013-14


Black Sea & Kara Sea

Led DST planning for prospective tests at Universitetskaya & in Tuapse

Frontier Exploration — Remote Environment — Deepwater — 2012-14