About Jordan Mimoun

Jordan Mimoun

Founder & Principal Consultant

16 years of experience


Jordan spent 13 years at ExxonMobil, reaching the highest level of competency in the fields of well testing & pressure transient analysis as Principal Reservoir Engineer

He oversaw worldwide exploration & appraisal testing, encompassing the full life cycle in a single, one-stop shop of expertise built on 40+ years of legacy:

In 2022, Jordan transitioned into carbon capture for ExxonMobil's Low Carbon Solutions projects & helped establish the standard of design studies for injection fall-off tests in aquifers.

He also oversaw pressure transient analysis for ExxonMobil's production affiliates for 7 years, covering reservoir surveillance, well performance issues, opportunity generation & regulatory reporting.

Prior to ExxonMobil, he was a research assistant at the UT JIP on Formation Evaluation, where he focused on pulsed neutron logs.

In 2023, Jordan launched Empire Well Test Consulting.


Jordan has strong communication skills & is equally comfortable at the wellsite with operations personnel, making polished presentations to management & speaking in front of large audiences at industry events.

He is a Kappa power user, with strong analytical & quantitative skills.

He is fluent in English & French.


Jordan received a Diplôme d'Ingénieur from École Centrale de Lille and a Master of Science in Petroleum Engineering from The University of Texas at Austin

His graduate research work in formation evaluation & his role at ExxonMobil bridging the gap between the reservoir, geoscience & drilling functions made him a strong subsurface integrator.